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The 6th Multihull Cup Race starts at 11:30 CEST on Friday 27th September 2024, from Port Adriano – Mallorca

Multihulls will be starting the race, for what we predict to be an exciting challenge.


Go to the event list above or on and select the Multihull Cup. You will then come to the event page with the list of races available for watching LIVE or in REPLAY. The races can be watched via the Web Viewer or via the Apps for Android and iOS.

The Web Viewer is the full featured option and can be watched on PC and Mac via the browsers Chrome (recommended), Safari, Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Edge. The Web Viewer does not run on mobile platforms. Learn more on the Web Viewer User Guide (Sailing, Orienteering, Route sports) or video tutorial (Orienteering)

The apps for Android and iOS include the most commonly used features for those users who want a quick and easy access to tracking via their smartphone or tablet. See our App User Guide (Sailing, Orienteering) or video tutorial (Orienteering).

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