Provisional Dates Multihull Cup 2021

Despite the current global situation, we are keen to host the regatta again, at Port Adriano and wanted to share with you the provisional date of the 4th Multihull Cup 2021 – 27-29th August 2021.

To express your interest and to find out more, please email the team at We would be happy to answer all your questions and register your interest.

We look forward to welcoming you at Port Adriano later this year. Until then we trust you and your family are safe and well and look forward to a brighter 2021.

2020 Cancelled Due To Current Global Situation

Firstly, we hope you are all staying safe and as unaffected as possible by the current global situation.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we have taken the difficult decision to postpone the Multihull Cup until 2021.

We appreciate your continued interest and support in the MHC and will keep you updated as we plan for 2021.

We look forward to welcoming you back to Port Adriano next year.

2019 Multihull Cup adds Zip to Mediterranean Racing Calendar

The Multihull Cup is renowned for its friendly atmosphere, solid sailing conditions and tight racing. Not only that, it’s the only regatta this side of the Atlantic dedicated to offering 50ft + catamaran owners the opportunity to race competitively.

And what a rollercoaster ride it has been! 

This third edition of the Multihull Cup has come to a spectacular end and after three days of intense racing. It was the 62ft. Dragon who punched well above her weight and managed to keep her cool under final-day pressure. 

However, with a number of race-orientated catamarans out on the water, competition was always going to be tough. Multis like Coco de Mer, a pure sailing machine with many racing miles under her keel, the battle-hardened, all-carbon R-Six and Allegra, the advanced performance cat who made last year’s winning tactical calls, were hard acts to follow. 

The racing was tight and the boats similar. The boats go pretty fast so it’s fun, there’s lots of water flying around everywhere,” exclaimed Hugh Fletcher, Coco de Mer’s tactician.

Daily high jinks on the racecourse were balanced up by the regatta’s laid-back atmosphere. As in the event’s previous editions, cat owners and race crew reveled in the social events and post-race catch-ups in the Regatta Village. Highlights were the Multihull Cup Regatta Dinner at Restaurante Bruno, Thursday’s Paella Party and a lively prize giving ceremony, the latter capped the regatta’s fun perfectly.

Great competition, boats that go fast, a beautiful location and sweet surroundings in which to chill out and have a few drinks. It’s the ultimate way to do this kind of racing” said an enthusiastic Jonny Malbon, Allegra’s tactician and Vendée Globe sailor. 

Coco de Mer navigator Bill Lacey also summed up the event with great gusto: “We’ve had a really good time and it was very well organised. The sailing was fantastic, it was close and we love it here. It’s Mallorca!”

The post-racing comments on the dock confirmed that the regatta, once again, did not fall short on either competition nor excitement and if the snippets of conversation we picked up are anything to go by, we’ll be able to see most of this year’s teams back next year at the Multihull Cup’s fourth edition.

Event organizers and event host Port Adriano would like to thank all that participated and certainly hope to see competitors return for our next event, whether to ferociously defend their hard-fought trophy or indeed try and trounce this year’s winner. 

Last but not least, event organisers want to offer a word of thanks to this year’s partners for their support. The regatta village’s envy-inducing set-up was Terraza Balear’s doing  while Marine Pool were behind the event’s stylish, top quality polos. North Sails, a company that powers more race wins than any other sailmaker, sponsored entrants’ stainless-steel bottles and CleanWave’s water station and Restaurante Bruno’s delectable paella and dinner matched the on-water excitement in intensity. 

Let’s Hear it for DRAGON, 2019 Multihull Cup Winner!

If the last two days of tight battles and ballsy tactical decisions have proven one thing, it’s that losing even a single second on the racecourse can make the difference between coming last and winning the day. It also means that today’s spectacle will make for a high-stakes battle, one likely to keep spectators on the edge of their seats and the creme of the multihull world amped to give it their all.

We’re tied (on points) with Coco so today will be tough. We sailed a solid race yesterday, we were all very focused. If we sail at the same level as we did then, we will win I’m sure” grinned Dragon’s designer Renaud Bañuls after this morning’s ‘Breakfast Briefing’.

Racing faced stronger winds today and the fleet saw 14 knots WNW at the start line. A repeat of yesterday’s course (minus the windward mark) took competitors around Cabo de la Mola and Illot de Sec and made for the perfect playground for today’s deciding race day.

The first beat is always exciting and saw R-Six get off to a particularly gutsy start. She crossed at full pelt, on the pin end of the line and on port tack, charging in front of both Coco de Mer and Dragon. Team Allegra didn’t have such a great day at the office: due to technical issues last year’s winner was unable to start and unfortunately race today.

Well-versed racers Dragon and Coco sailed side-by-side for most of the beat before they managed to squeeze past yesterday’s winner R-Six. Dragon and Coco continued their tussle towards Cabo de Mola, the latter, Coco, ended up rounding 1 minute and 23 seconds ahead of the 62ft Dragon. As the kites went up Coco lengthened her lead over Dragon and kept her position ahead of the fleet, rounding Llot de Sec 2 minutes and 35 seconds ahead of the Bañuls-designed Dragon. R-Six and their pro-laden team rounded 21 minutes and 34 seconds later.

The upwind leg towards the finish saw the 66ft Gunboat Coco, with her recorded top speed of 28.51 knots on fire this afternoon, maintain her lead over Dragon and the hard-bodied R-Six, a yacht with proven racing credentials. Coco kept her momentum and finished first while Dragon crossed 6 minutes and 5 seconds later. The HH66 R-Six came in 26 minutes, 4 seconds after Coco de Mer, in real time.

After the race committee waved their corrections-wand over real-time figures it was announced that team Dragon didn’t only go like a bomb today but was also the overall winner of this third edition of the Multihull Cup! Coco de Mer came second today and overall, while R-Six and Allegra, with a total of 8 and 12 points, cinched a third and fourth overall position, respectively. 

We’re stoked with the result, the boat went really well” enthused Brett Elliot, Dragon’s helmsman. Elliot put their overall success down to a number of factors, “We had some key sails that we didn’t have last year, we’ve improved our crew-work, we’re more familiar with the area and the conditions were also good for the boat.”

This 2019 event concluded spectacularly with a festive prize-giving ceremony which saw the Regatta Village alive with animated race crew, all smiling and still ardently discussing today’s racing. Highlight of the afternoon was, beyond question, the announcement of this year’s champions to a soundtrack of whistles and woohoos from the crowd. Team Dragon’s captain Gary Martin held the coveted trophy high with winner’s pride while promises were made by the rest of the fleet’s sailors to return for the event’s next, fourth, edition.


Competition took Beating from R-Six at Second Day of Multihull Cup

Sailing was stalled by light winds (5-6 knots) this morning and racing didn’t get underway until 13.40 this afternoon. The race committee decided to take the fleet around a mark off Cabo de la Mola (via a windward mark) and Llot de Sec, a buoy in the bay of Palma, before finishing close to the fleet’s starting point. 

The Nigel Irens-designed Allegra crossed the El Toro start line first, yesterday’s winner Coco de Mer crossed a second later. Last year’s first-home heroes Allegra reached the upwind mark first with the fast and nimble 60 ft. Dragon not far (2 min. 11 sec.) behind.

The wind picked up nicely on the long beat up to Cabo de Mola and Allegra rounded first with the Bañuls 6o Dragon, still, hot on her heels. As the kites popped open Allegra held unto her lead over Dragon as she powered towards the Bay of Palma. 2016 champion R-Six, a regular racer boasting a trophy cabinet bursting with silverware, remained behind yesterday’s victor Coco de Mer. The iconic Gunboat 66, in turn, was third in today’s down-wind procession.

A dual raged during the reach to Isle de Sech and back between avid racer Coco de Mer and Dragon’s wave-piercing hulls. Allegra and her fast cast of record-breaking sailors (Paul Larsen and Helena Darvelid, to name but a few) strengthened her lead on the upwind leg to the finish while Coco (no doubt benefitting from her newly optimized rig and boards) managed to slide away from Dragon. APC78 Allegra slipped over the finish line first, the 66 ft Coco de Mer second and this year’s smallest cat, Dragon, third. Note that a mere minute and 13 seconds separated repeat-contenders Dragon and Coco de Mer.

A strong showing of R-Six‘s grizzled professionals led to her triumph today. She sped over the finish line one minute and 56 seconds ahead of Dragon on corrected time. Coco de Mer cinched third today and this year’s giant, the Green Marine-built Allegra, fourth. “We’re satisfied today, we made less tactical mistakes than yesterday,” smiled R-Six’ tactician Tomasz Januszewski. The Polish Olympic sailor added that: “we were glad to see the breeze build which resulted in our speeds of 12+ knots.”

Coco de Mer and Dragon go into the final race with a lead of 1 point over super cat R-Six while 2 points separate this pro-laden team from Allegra.

Impassioned discussions of today’s rollercoaster ride in the race village made for a prefect prelude to dinner at seaside-chic Restaurante Bruno. The conversation is expected to match Bruno’s delectable dishes and postcard views in intensity as tomorrows racing is quite likely to overtake every other topic, there’s no two ways about it.

Multihull excitement is set to continue tomorrow at 12.00. Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram for updates of all the action on and off the racecourse and/or follow the race live via TracTrac. 


Coco de Mer Cleaned-Up Race Course at Multihull Cup’s First Day

Excitement was palpable this morning as mini armies of amped sailors made last minute preparations for today’s first day of the Multihull Cup, an annual regatta that celebrates some of the most technically advanced machines in sport: performance catamarans. 

Competing sailors have reason to be aflutter as outgunning the competition will be quite a challenge this year. From the 66ft lightweight flyer Dragon to this year’s largest entrant, the 84ft Allegra, this third edition of the regatta boasts a glorious selection of omnipotent multi-power.

The race committee selected a scenic course with the island of Dragonera, Mallorca’s western-most point, the upwind mark. This 24.74nm course made for a good match for today’s westerly winds (light at the start but a stronger 15-20 knots later on). Racing got underway at 12.25pm and those who weren’t there certainly missed out: experiencing a souped-up fleet of multis sail across the start line is quite something!

Coco de Mer ​and R-Six ​got away ​from the pin-end while ​​Dragon went over the committee end of the line. Both R-Six and Allegra made quick gains on the​ir way​ ​to the initial offset mark​ and it was the latter, the 78ft Allegra, who arrived first. Coco de Mer and R-Six followed 3 minutes, 37 seconds and 5 minutes, 37 seconds later, respectively. The ​up​wind leg to ​Dragonera​ saw ​some close racing between ​last year’s winner​ Allegra and the 66ft Gunboat Coco de Mer​, while the 6​0​ft Dragon, sailing with acclaimed designer Renaud Bañuls onboard, managed to keep seasoned racer R-Six​ at bay. The first of the Gunboats 66 built,​Coco de Mer, led this year’s giant of the fleet, Allegra, around Dragonera’s North and South marks. Dragon, a lightweight cat, held the upper hand over the HH Super Cat R-Six, she rounded fourth. 

​The downwind leg saw Coco de Mer’s bright red spinnaker proudly puffed out and the team comfortably maintain her lead over Allegra. Coco de Mer crossed the finish line 15 minutes and 42 seconds before the Nigel Irens-designed Allegra. Dragon not only got to give her brand-new spinnaker a good run, this sharp-looking cat kept her control over R-Six, the youngest cat in the fleet​, and sped over the finish line third. 

The start didn’t go as planned for us but there was a shift right at the last minute which let us off the hook. We then had a drag race out to the left with Allegra, they are always our main competitors here. Then they tacked off, we tacked off with them. We struggled to hold them when they had the J0 up, which we don’t have in our wardrobe. However, they opened the door for us at the wind mark and let us back into the race. We got into the pressure going right and from there on we were just boat-speed, boat-speed, boat-speed” enthused Coco de Mer’s tactician Hugh Fletcher.

The 66ft Coco de Mer turned out a stellar performance today as the team’s spot-on maneuverings resulted in a first, and well deserved, bullet. She finished 28 minutes and 42 seconds before second placed Dragon on corrected time. Allegra, in turn, crossed the finish line 8 minutes and 56 seconds after today’s runner-up, also on corrected time. 

Celebratory drinks and a paella dock party in the Multihull Cup’s regatta village will complete today’s thrills and spills on the race course. Terraza Balear, high-end interior design studio and outdoor furniture suppliers, are behind the Regatta Village’s inviting set-up, ensuring sailors can unwind in comfort and style after a demanding day on the MHC-circuit. 

Multihull excitement is scheduled to continue tomorrow at 12.00. Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram for updates of all the action on and off the racecourse and/or follow the race live via TracTrac


Next on Mallorca’s Racing Calendar: Port Adriano’s Multihull Cup

In less than one week’s time, we’ll be able to sink our teeth into the Multihull Cup, a laidback yet competitive regatta that features 50’+ performance multihulls putting their racing talent to the test. Competing catamarans range from 60 to 84 ft. and include some of the world’s most thrilling multis designed by the globe’s hottest designers. California-based Morrelli & Melvin, the brains behind the Olympic Nacra class, lay claim to two of the regatta’s entrants, 2016 victor R-Six and Coco de Mer. R- Six’ lines are the result of three America’s Cup campaigns and yachts that have broken ‘around the world’ and 24-hour records. The 66’ Coco de Mer, a regular racer, boasts a display case bursting with silverware and placed second during the regatta’s first (2016) edition.

Multihull fans can also feast their eyes on Allegra, last year’s event winner and this year’s giant of the fleet. Allegra will be skippered by Paul Larsen, the globe’s outright sailing speed world record-holder, no less. Another fiery entrant is the 60’ Dragon, the result of a collaboration between Australian boatbuilders McConaghy and racing multihull specialist Bañuls Design. She’s not only substantially lighter than most 50-60 ft. cruising catamarans but is empowered by a cockpit optimized for racing and curved dagger boards.

Allegra, Coco de Mer, Dragon and R-Six have all taken part in the regatta’s previous editions. The fact that this next edition will be the third time that these gritty racers meet on the start line will make the event’s racing all the more exciting. Although competitiveness rules on the race course, while tied to the dock it’s the camaraderie that reigns supreme. A good case in point is the event’s superlative social programme. The MHC’s Paella Dock Party and Regatta Dinner, not to mention daily drinks and catch-ups once back on the dock, balance out the on-water excitement perfectly.

The Multihull Cup will take place in Port Adriano from the 31st of August until the 1st of September 2019.

Multihull Cup Regatta Puts Multihull Racing on the Mediterranean Map.

The Mediterranean racing season is about to get a lot more exciting as some of the globe’s fastest multihulls are set to tear around Mallorca during the third edition of the Multihull Cup. This thrilling regatta, to take place from the 30th of August until the 1st of September, will have spectators either glued to the race tracker or craning their necks to get a better view of the action. Not only will MHC regulars, such as Dragon, Coco, R-Six and last year’s event winner, the Nigel Irens-designed Allegra, be back to enter the fray, the event’s organizers are expecting some exciting first timers to come and enjoy the thrills and spills of multihull racing.

The Multihull Cup’s built on from the successes of its previous editions and has quickly established itself as a regatta race fans cannot afford to miss. Although the regatta’s idyllic location and supreme sailing conditions add to its allure, it’s the camaraderie on the dock, and on the race course, that mainly yields its ‘secret sauce’. What’s more, there’s simply no regatta like the MHC on this side of the Atlantic, – it’s the only opportunity for 40ft + catamaran owners to race competitively.

While competitors’ feedback attested to the event’s friendly ambiance, last year’s results proved that the regatta’s rating worked like a dream. Post- race calculations showed that each and every entrant, regardless of their position in the fleet while racing, had a chance of claiming victory. The upcoming edition of the MHC will benefit from a new and improved version of last year’s MultiRule. This new handicap rule system, called ORCmultihull or ORCmh, has been specifically developed by ORC and the Offshore Multihull Association (OMA) for large performance multihulls.

The MHC’s organizers are as passionate about minimizing plastic waste on the island as they are about putting on a show of roaring multihulled rockets. This is why the MHC will, once again, team up with local non-profit CleanWave and Clean Regattas. CleanWave is a local non-profit organization whose primary aim is to reduce single-use plastic on the Balearics and Clean Regattas is the world’s only sustainability certification for water-based events.

Two rivals return for the MHC’19

Allegra and Coco de Mer have announced their intention to lock horns again in the 2019 edition of the MultihullCup.

Early interest in the event suggests that 2019 will be a record year for entries and we look forward to welcoming new competitors as well as the returning fleet.