Let’s Hear it for DRAGON, 2019 Multihull Cup Winner!

If the last two days of tight battles and ballsy tactical decisions have proven one thing, it’s that losing even a single second on the racecourse can make the difference between coming last and winning the day. It also means that today’s spectacle will make for a high-stakes battle, one likely to keep spectators on the edge of their seats and the creme of the multihull world amped to give it their all.

We’re tied (on points) with Coco so today will be tough. We sailed a solid race yesterday, we were all very focused. If we sail at the same level as we did then, we will win I’m sure” grinned Dragon’s designer Renaud Bañuls after this morning’s ‘Breakfast Briefing’.

Racing faced stronger winds today and the fleet saw 14 knots WNW at the start line. A repeat of yesterday’s course (minus the windward mark) took competitors around Cabo de la Mola and Illot de Sec and made for the perfect playground for today’s deciding race day.

The first beat is always exciting and saw R-Six get off to a particularly gutsy start. She crossed at full pelt, on the pin end of the line and on port tack, charging in front of both Coco de Mer and Dragon. Team Allegra didn’t have such a great day at the office: due to technical issues last year’s winner was unable to start and unfortunately race today.

Well-versed racers Dragon and Coco sailed side-by-side for most of the beat before they managed to squeeze past yesterday’s winner R-Six. Dragon and Coco continued their tussle towards Cabo de Mola, the latter, Coco, ended up rounding 1 minute and 23 seconds ahead of the 62ft Dragon. As the kites went up Coco lengthened her lead over Dragon and kept her position ahead of the fleet, rounding Llot de Sec 2 minutes and 35 seconds ahead of the Bañuls-designed Dragon. R-Six and their pro-laden team rounded 21 minutes and 34 seconds later.

The upwind leg towards the finish saw the 66ft Gunboat Coco, with her recorded top speed of 28.51 knots on fire this afternoon, maintain her lead over Dragon and the hard-bodied R-Six, a yacht with proven racing credentials. Coco kept her momentum and finished first while Dragon crossed 6 minutes and 5 seconds later. The HH66 R-Six came in 26 minutes, 4 seconds after Coco de Mer, in real time.

After the race committee waved their corrections-wand over real-time figures it was announced that team Dragon didn’t only go like a bomb today but was also the overall winner of this third edition of the Multihull Cup! Coco de Mer came second today and overall, while R-Six and Allegra, with a total of 8 and 12 points, cinched a third and fourth overall position, respectively. 

We’re stoked with the result, the boat went really well” enthused Brett Elliot, Dragon’s helmsman. Elliot put their overall success down to a number of factors, “We had some key sails that we didn’t have last year, we’ve improved our crew-work, we’re more familiar with the area and the conditions were also good for the boat.”

This 2019 event concluded spectacularly with a festive prize-giving ceremony which saw the Regatta Village alive with animated race crew, all smiling and still ardently discussing today’s racing. Highlight of the afternoon was, beyond question, the announcement of this year’s champions to a soundtrack of whistles and woohoos from the crowd. Team Dragon’s captain Gary Martin held the coveted trophy high with winner’s pride while promises were made by the rest of the fleet’s sailors to return for the event’s next, fourth, edition.