Rigging Projects to Sponsor CleanWaves Water Station

We’re proud to announce that Rigging Projects, a well-established rigging company and trusted supplier to multihull, mini maxi and super yachts will be sponsoring the presence of a XXL 600-litre water-station at the upcoming Multihull Cup. The mammoth-sized station, AKA The Rocket, will be supplied by CleanWave, a local non-profit organisation whose primary aim is to reduce single-use plastic on the Balearics.

Most of you will surely be aware of the crisis connected with plastic pollution but did you know that one million single-use plastic bottles are bought around the planet every minute and that eight million metric tons of plastic enters our waterways annually?

Multihull Cup participants will help keep plastic out of our oceans, as they will be able to quench their thirst by means of CleanWave’s refillable containers. The stainless-steel bottles, which can hold 600 ml of deliciously fresh water, will also be kindly supplied by Rigging Projects.

Apart from The Rocket on-site, there are currently more than 50 other refill points located on the sun-soaked Balearics where sailors (or anyone else, for that matter) can top up their bottle with cool, fresh water, free of charge.

CleanWave’s presence will bring the Multihull Cup a step closer to being a Clean Regatta, as the CleanWave team will be offering inspiration and strategies on how to minimize plastic waste. Chic superyacht marina Port Adriano, home of the Multihull Cup, will also play a part in the regatta achieving its appropriate certification level.

Like many other racers with an appetite for winning, most Multihull Cup competitors rely on Rigging Projects’ proven expertise and full range of bespoke rigging products and services.  To find out more about the company’s tailor-made solutions contact Scott Gray at